Big Brother

First time to do a shoot with my older brother, CB, set in our house. It’s a bit challenging to do a shoot with him since I don’t really know how to pose male models. Hehe.

Enough with the talking, hehe, here are my shots…

Model: Clarence Bautista
Location: Bautista Residence

The Jetsetter

The Jetsetter

Hello Moto!

Hello Moto!


Gowns by Vanna De Leon-Barja

I got the chance to shoot last weekend showcasing the designs of a very talented Vanna De Leon-Barja. I was with my fellow EON members doing the shoot. At the end of the day it was a success although it rained and there were so many ants in the park. hehehe.

Models: Vanna De Leon-Barja, Cheska Fernandez, Cecille “CC” Viray
MUA: Lizette Lee
Designer/Gowns: Vanna De Leon-Barja
Location: Ecopark, Fairview, QC

Model/Designer: Vanna De Leon-Barja

Model: Cheska Fernandez

Model: Cecille Viray


Another attempt of IR shots

Last weekend, I got the chance to do IR shots again. I’ve been focusing on strobes and lighting lately and didn’t get the chance to do landscapes. I must say, I missed shooting landscapes. Hehe.

Here are my takes on…

Balite Falls, Cavite

And Pink Sister’s Chapel in Tagaytay


Boot Camp Assignment #2: Background

Then again, we pushed through the assignment #2 for strobist boot camp and the theme now is… Background.  We have to come up with a photo, in portrait, with a background.  This is now pretty challenging since we have to consider the weather, if we are shooting outside, and the theme of the photo.

My submitted entry for the bootcamp was shot in Tagaytay, where we stay overnight the past week.  The weather was not really cooperative since it was too windy.  Good thing, Tito Eddie was there.  He helped me by holding the lightstand and also the softbox.  I also have to pull out our bike to give it a “homey” feel.

My Entry for Background, Home Sweet American Home

My Entry for Background, Home Sweet "American" Home

It was a suprise that my photo won the contest.  Honestly, I wasn’t expecting it.  I find my competitor’s photo much worth to win.  But I don’t want to be a hypocryte (hehe), I was really happy when I found out that I won.  Hehehe.  It was my first time to actually won a photo contest. 🙂  Hehe.  Sorry for the excitement.

Other very competitive photos can be found here on this site. http://flickr.com/photos/shootlangbootcamp.


[Archives]: Zar And Star Civil Wedding

I had the opportunity to cover a shoot of a wedding.  My brother’s friend, Zar, was going to get married – rush.  They only planned everything for just a month.  They invited me to do their shoot, which at first I was really hesitant since it’s my first time to cover a wedding.  I also have to buy a softbox and a lightstand in the last minute.

I was really suprised that I had to cover the entire wedding – from the preparation of the bride until the group shots.  It was a big challenge for me.  I now know that in wedding photography you cover all types of photography – still life, model shoot, food, event and even landscapes.  It’s not a joke when you are doing this type of photography since you have expecting clients.

I can say is I think, without bragging, I did a pretty awesome job.  I, somewhat, applied everything I learned from the photography group I’m in with and also with my photographer friends.

Here are my take on my first, official, wedding photos.


Squeezers Band

Doing a photo shoot of a band a really a new thing to me. Although I can compare it with a regular model shoot, I think this is a bit different. You must able to let the viewer of the photo believe that they are not just posers but really musicians. It’s a challenge and I’m up for it. Hehe.

photo credit: JB Delgado (Synergy Photography)

Judith Abad: Bassist

Noon, last Sunday, I got a text from JB inviting me to do a shoot with his friend and schoolmate’s band, Squeezers, that day.  I was in Tagaytay that time when he texted and just replied to follow later.  I went home at around 3 in the afternoon and rushed to the shoot.

Clif Jongko: Lead

Clif Jongko: Lead

It was almost 5 in the afternoon when I arrived there.  I got a little lost along the way. Hehe.  The band was there doing their live recording, for an album (maybe?).  JB was already did some solo shots of the artisit, which I find really great.  After the live recording, we invited them to do a group shot.  We used a 3 light setup.  We tried filling the accent light with an orange gel to give it a different look.

Squeezers Band

Squeezers Band

I think we really did a great job considering this is our first time to shoot with a three light setup.  We just started learning strobes and most of the comments we receive are really good.  We also agreed to call this collaboration as Synergy photography.


Face Fighter

I downloaded this one application in i-Touch which, at first, I was not really that interested.  But some of friends said that it was a good application to try and it is REALLY funny.  After some time of browsing through the applications I can download, I, hesitantly, downloaded the game to give it a try.  The verdict…  it was really HI-LA-RI-OUS!  You, first, select the person you’d like to be your opponent then you beat them up until their faces looked really funny because of the bruises, teeth loss, bandage, and many others.  I tried using my face as my opponent, here what my face looked like when I beat the hell of it… Hehe.

swollen and bruised face of mine. hehe.

swollen and bruised face of mine. hehe.

I swear, it’s a must try!  Whenever I punched or kicked myself, I suddendly laugh out of it because of my face.  The best part of it is it’s a free application. Hehe.

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